Does Etonism model of african classicism

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Etonism: a challenge for the African classic
Badou Tresor
DUTA: In the beginning Patrício Batsîkama lets know that any exhibition supposes the transmission of an orderly and organized thought because artist is a philosopher for basic rule. Therefore the etonism is the philosophy that the artist, in that case Etona, tries to show to the observers. ‘That philosophy consists the fight against the exclusions’, reason that why the artist joins in his sculptures and paintings different embellishment forms in only one support’, explained a philosopher.
We assisted a true class! The talker, so pedagogic and plenty didactic made to pass his message, so that to weigh of his Portuguese semantic and tonality – in intelligent French – the accompanying Angolan artist's works elucidated their explanations.
Many echoes! Ernest Duku, from Côte d’Ivoire artist and critic of art, made to know that the philosophy of Etona, generically etonism, has a pertinent consistence. “I observed that did the artist in the opening of DUTA, and now I already know the reason of that behaviour. It is more necessary studying so that Africa also will have their classic... and the courage of Patrice is exemplary for all of us...”
“You know..., I speak German therefore I never noticed myself that art is really philosophy. Of course, in German 'kunst' means 'capacity of to well-arrange or to well-think' and finally 'art'. Actually I don't have many comments on that philosophy in the measure that, just as it was explained by the critic, it sounds interesting, until it scares who hears it for the first time. But it is understood to the same time..., for instance on this week of the Woman, etonism seems a gospel for us: it struggles against the women's exclusion. Africa needs its classic in the art, and I admit that Etona is the first classic that I can know”, said the Suisse artist, Myriam Thyes.
"In fact, the Angolan demonstrated advanced more than us in the matter of the arts in practice as much as in the theory. Etona and Patrice shared their knowledge with us and DUTA thanks them and we believe that in the next Art exhibition more Angolan will come and we expect for more exchanges", said Viviane, one of the DUTA organization.
“I admired more the philosopher's intelligence. Also, I would like to see a Cameroonian philosopher theorize Goddy Leye's artwork... the theorization is lucid and intelligent but I am of opinion that it should be urgent to present it in an University by two simple reasons: firstly: any festival of the arts has less scientific objectives, and the worst is that Duta would be still in its childhood; and second: that philosophy can only be sanctioned better by the specialists that unhappily are not present here” Such it was the opinion of Ph. D. Historian of Art, Ruth Belinga (University of Yaounde).
The next and maybe last debate will be focused on Thursday 14 March in the French Cultural Center the 5H: 00 pm. entitled: “La portée politique, économique et sociale de l'art contemporain en Afrique” to be approached by Ernest Duku that already meets in Douala, with, still to arrive, critic of art Salif Kouala from of Coast of Ivory.

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